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HRA Council Working Committees

The work of the HRA Council is driven by our active committees working toward a vision laid out by our Member-elected Board of Directors. If you are a current member of any of the following committees, the links below will take you to your committee's dedicated page with meeting recaps, notes, and working documents. Access to the following committee pages is limited to the Board and members of each committee.

Interested in Joining an HRAC Committee?

If you'd like to be added to a committee, please email for more information.

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Recurring Meeting Time


HRAC is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the Membership. All committees, staff, and contractors serve at the will of the Board following a set of Objective and Key Results we refer to as Vision 2022. Our next Board election will be in June 2022.

BOARD HUBSecond Monday of Every Month at 2:30 PM CDT


The goals of our Membership Committee are to identify like-minded industry leaders, strategically increase our Membership reach, and to coalesce the value and benefits of HRA Membership.


First Thursday of Every Month at 10 AM CDT


The goal of our Collaboration Committee is to serve as a high-level touchpoint for the brokers, administrators, technology providers, and carriers among our Membership who are working together to reduce process friction.


First Friday of Every Month at 11 AM CDT

Marketing & Communications

The goal of our Marketing & Communications Committee is to develop and broadcast timely, relevant information and updates to HRA Membership and other stakeholders, as well as to help define our messaging and outreach strategies.

 MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS HUBSecond Thursday of Every Month at 2 PM CDT

Data & Reporting

The Data & Reporting Committee works to ensure that the HRA Council is the definitive, singular source for accurate and compelling data and insights related to ICHRAs.


Third Thursday of Every Month at 2 PM CDT

Policy & Advocacy

The goal of our Policy & Advocacy Committee is to define the best strategic and tactical ICHRA policy goals and amplify the Council’s role in advocating for them.


Fourth Thursday of Every Month at 2 PM CDT

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